our roots

Media fragmentation. 500+ channels. Social networks.

With each passing day, companies and their brands face an ever-increasing level of complexity in the marketplace. And design studios, in an endless rush to meet their clients’ needs, have tackled that complexity with more complexity of their own. They’ve added exotic services and created whole new departments. Become “fully” integrated.

But is it possible that what clients and their brands need from their agencies is not more complexity, but less? Not more services, but more innovative thinking?

We think so. And that’s why we’ve created a slightly different breed of a design studio.

We're into the design because we're into people. There's a lot of talk about design thinking as a work process and although it has always been the framework for developing our strategy and creative we also believe it needs to function hand in glove with community engagement. When the community can engage it forces good design to be responsive, to change, to face emerging ideas, meet new challenges and mobilize opportunity.

The story behind our workspace is mostly a true expression of this concept. We shared the idea with other smart people who were also up for ideas. It is equal parts an expression of our thinking and an experiment in action. When we discover something that doesn't work, we re-design it.